Central Park of Culture and Recreation named after P.P. Belousov

Recreation and Culture Central Park named after P. P. Belousov is the largest park in Tula, a monument of nature of regional importance and an object of national heritage. Early it was a city dump on the place of the future park. Thereafter, the city expanded and the presence of nearby waste could affect the health of the city. In 1893 at the initiative of the Tula sanitary inspector Petr Petrovich Belousov the dump was covered with a layer of soil and trees were planted. As the result on the area of 36 hectares on the southern outskirts of the city was created a park. At the moment the park covers 143 hectares: a forest covers 97 hectares, a cascade of three ponds covers 11 hectares are and a recreational area covers 35 hectares. About 90 species of trees and shrubs grow in the park, among which are birches, ashes, oaks, pines, maples, lindens , but also there are rare species such as Amur cork trees, Siberian pines, red oaks, white willows and others. Herbaceous plants are represented in the park with two hundred different species. In the park also a variety of animals and birds live. In the park a mini-zoo is located, which is the home for whooper swans, black swans, peacocks, silver and Lady Amherst's pheasants, parrots and other birds, as well as roe deer, foxes, goats and rabbits. There are attractions, playgrounds and cafes for visitors of the park. The sports zone of the Central Park has various objects and is considered to be one of the most modern and comfortable in Tula. On its territory there are competitions, demonstrations in a variety of sports. This space for sports activities has emerged due to a wide variety of sports grounds. In respect of today’s widespread wellness and healthy lifestyle so many objects for sports in the park are of trigger demand. A new entertainment area "Drive" was constructed on the territory of the Central Park In May 2014. It has various extreme and family amusement arcades. Many citizens of Tula and guests of one of the oldest cities in Russia (including tourists from different cities of Russia and other countries of the world) can see the beautiful landscape of Tula riding the new 40-meter panoramic Ferris wheel, which is the main beautiful object of the “Drive”. The panoramic wheel has 18 cabins: 9 open, 6 closed and 3 for the extreme ride. Another interesting component of this area is ropes course. There are several variants of the route - family, teenage and extreme. Up to 25 people can prove their strength simultaneously. For those who like to rattle nerves here is an amusement ride which causes visitors to scream with delight - a drop tower. A simulator of virtual reality is suitable for those who accept a more relaxed variant of recreation. The most active people can have fun on the climbing and carting. Children's Town "The Fairy Kingdom" is one of the largest entertainment children's complexes in the Hero City Tula. He provides not only a great mood for every child who visited him, but also contributes to physical development, motor skills and adroitness. Everyone can visit the "Fairy Kingdom" and it is completely free. However, you must bear in mind the fact that the parents are responsible for the safety of the child in the playground. The square "Mom and Baby" is one of the quietest and most original places in the park. You can get lost in quietness and peace or read your favorite book sitting on a comfortable bench surrounded by tall birches and larches. A sports town with complexes for various sports was created in the park for fans of sports and outdoor activities. Near the central stage you can also have fun and interesting time. Every weekend there are entertainment games for children, their parents and elderly people. In addition, it hosts large scale events, which coincide with such holidays as, for example, City Day and Tula Region Day, Father Frost's Birthday, Parade of the Twins, Festival of Choral Singing, Regional Convention of accordionists and etc. Official website:
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P.P. Belousov Central Park of Culture and Recreation, Tula
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Татьяна 29 April 2024
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Михаил 20 July 2022
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Дмитрий 05 April 2021
Были очень удивлены, что в Туле такой шикарный парк! Огромная территория для детей и взрослых! Аттракционы, высокое колесо обозрения, зона тишины, экзотариум и зооуголок, пляж, прокат велосипедов и самокатов, вечером красивая подсветка по аллеям! Есть разные кафе, где можно перекусить во время прогулки или отдохнуть за вечерним ужином. Парк прекрасен и днем и ночью!