Sarafan Shopping and Entertainment Center

Do you hear the music!

Where does the music come from?

From the Sarafan shopping and fascination center!

Why the shopping and fascination center?

Because there are many shopping and entertainment centers in Tula but Sarafan is unique because it is the only shopping and fascination center!

Having arrived in the Russian Workshop, the first thing you will see after the train's vestibule is the Moscow Hotel and the Sarafan shopping center. It will definitely attract you! It will attract you to the world of shopping with a wide variety of topics. From a pillow to a plush toy! From punching bags to inlaid sushi sticks! All that is left to do is not to get lost in the halls of the Sarafan shopping center!

It happened that one of the first shopping areas of this type appeared in Tula! Against the background of an abundance of open-air markets, the multi-story shopping complex attracted with its cleanliness, well-organized structure, and operation regime! It was then called "Intercity." But changes are all around us, and the interior of the Sarafan shopping center is rich and great as before!

Convenient location at 5 Puteiskaya Street, right next to the main station of Tula, large parking space, and a useful area of 1.7 hectares will drive you mad!

Children, men, and especially women love the Sarafan shopping center for the fact that it is well-arranged in terms of the design of boutiques and leisure attractions!

Children relax on the Jungle playground, after which ask their parents to buy a human-sized transformer in the Children's World store. Men first look at cold weapons and pneumatics on the first floor, then go up to the third floor and voila!.. As hardcore connoisseurs of art, they look at paintings in a souvenir shop (a shop is an understatement!). Well, women try on fur coats, jewelry, and boots in all the other boutiques!

After an active recreation in the fitting rooms, everyone gathers in a cafe or coffee shop and shares their impressions! Isn't it wonderful?

We definitely say it is!

According to the operation regime of the shopping and fascination center, we keep the doors open for you every day from 10:00 to 21:00! So you are welcome to visit our Sarafan!

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5 Puteyskaya St., Tula
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Every day 10:00-21:00
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Анастасия 27 January 2023
Прекрасный торговый центр! Большая бесплатная парковка, разнообразие товаров радует глаз, дети с удовольствием посещают детский центр Джунгли, на территории которого можно вкусно поесть в их семейном ресторане. Любимый центр нашей семьи!