Architectural monuments

Provincial Government (1780-ies)

Tula, Lenin Prospect, 36
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  • Description
    It is located in the northeast corner of a small building block that is limited to the Lenin prospect, Gogolevskaya, F. Engels and Pushkin streets. The building occupies the entire line of construction along Lenin prospect to the angle of Pushkin lane. It is a large 2 storey stone building with an open care-shaped plan. Long front elevations are 57.4 m along Lenin prospect and 48.1 m along Pushkinskaya street. The house is on the terrain, with downwards towards the prospectus, on the side of the prospectus the basement. The corner of the house round, here is a front entrance, decorated with a low portico, over which there is a the stucco stylized coat of arms installed between the storeys. The courtyard wings of the building have a lower height in relation to the main volume. On the side of Pushkinskiy lane there is a passing gate leading to the courtyard. The walls are plastered and painted. Decoration of elevations is minimized.
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    Tula, Lenin Prospect, 36
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