The Museum of Soviet Toys

Searching “Museum of Soviet Toys Tula” on the Internet and browsing websites with reviews and photographs will not give you the same impression as a “live” visit to this exhibition. The museum evokes special emotions in those who were children in the Soviet times while actual children will curiously explore items that will for sure draw their attention. There is a 97% chance this place will help you take a break from the callousness of everyday life. This kind of therapy session is recommended for everyone with no exceptions.

The price of visiting the Museum of Soviet Toys in Tula is not nearly as great as enjoying what you will see within its walls. But what can you find here?

There are three halls at the visitors’ disposal: an antique shop where you can explore and buy everything on display like a hall of Soviet toys and other Soviet era items.

Some gizmos can only be seen behind glass. Of particular interest among them are the three-faced doll, which is over 100 years old, bottles with original spirits of bygone eras, elegant and rare foreign toys. You can play with all the exhibits outside the cases, you can listen to records on a gramophone, leaf through books and albums of antique postcards, and look inside of a variety of lockers.

The Museum of Soviet Toys is a private collection of more than 1,300 dolls, toys, and household items that used to belong to the Soviet citizens. The purpose of the museum is to preserve such a cultural phenomenon as the childhood of a Soviet citizen and the development of Soviet games and toys in the 20th century. Besides, the museum plays the role of an antique shop, where visitors can buy antique jewelry, crystal and porcelain souvenirs, paintings, badges, cutlery, etc.

The price of a ticket to the Museum of Soviet Toys in Tula depends on the group size and its tour needs. The museum is located at Metallistov St., 16. If you have any questions, wish to book a tour or specify the opening hours, please call 8 (910) 587-95-27.

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в избранное
100 — 150 ₽
16 Metallistov St., Tula
Режим работы
Tue-Fri 11:00-18:00; Sat-Sun 10:00-19:00
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Ксения 02 August 2021
Суперский музей в самом центре города! Он совсем небольшой, но очень интересный. Любому жителю Советского союза будет интересно здесь находится и вспомнить свое детство))) При музее работает антикварная лавка огромным выбором интересных и редких вещичек. Купили там ключ от Тулы!!!
Дмитрий 24 April 2021
Музей супер, все как в моем детстве. Игрушки, интерьер, атмосфера. Ощущение не передать словами,  сплошная ностальгия.