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The Liventsev's Former Homestead, XVIII c.

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    Ivan Vasilievich Liventsev! What a wonderful man he was! And what a wonderful Liventsev's estate was, with a column gate in the style of Russian classicism!

    Ivan Vasilyevich in 1780 became the head of Tula, who will be remembered for long!

    The wooden City of Masters often suffered from fires and the new head, having allocated serious funds from his pocket, began to rebuild the streets in stone!

    This is how the luxurious Liventsev's estate in Tula with a lush garden appeared. Being a man of the world and being respected, the city head arranged routs in his house. Guests drove through the luxurious gates with columns, walked in the garden, and talked about the future of Tula in the halls of the house.

    However, Liventsev himself did not like the house very much, and he bequeathed it to the state as a post office, and in the Soviet years, ordinary people began to live here at the address: 15 Dzerzhinsky Str.

    So, it stands today, reminding of the former greatness of noble and merchant estates, and its beauty has remained in ancient photos!
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    15 Dzerzhinsky St., Bld.7, Tula
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15 Dzerzhinsky St., Bld.7, Tula

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