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Monument to Karl Marx

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    In 1925, a monument was established to Karl Marx (1818-1883), a German philosopher, economist, and public figure. His work formed in philosophy the direction of dialectical and historical materialism; in economics – the theory of surplus value; in politics – the theory of class struggle. These directions became the basis of the communist and socialist movement, having received the name «Marxism». The monument to the founder of scientific communism became a gift of the Sverdlovsk workers to the people of Tula in memory of the 20th anniversary of the events of October 21, 1905. It was moulded at the factory of architectural and artistic casting in the town of Kasli, Chelyabinsk Oblast. The bust was performed on the sketches of Konstantin Aleksandrovich Klodt (grandson of the famous sculptor Peter Karlovich Klodt (1805-1867)). The monument to Karl Marx was originally located in front of the museum "Tula Samovars", which in 1918-1919 was called "The House of Karl Marx."
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    The Kremlin Garden, Tula
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The Kremlin Garden, Tula

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