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Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 1 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2 Boutique Hotel "Turgenev" фото 2
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13 Turgenevskaya St., Tula, Tula Region
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Цена за сутки
от 12000 Р
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Free Wi-Fi
Air conditioning
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Boutique Hotel Turgenev is one of the most prestigious hotels in Tula.

It is in close proximity to the Tula Kremlin and other city sights that add up to the style of the City of Craftsmen. Boutique Hotel Turgenev embodies the best features of a place where it is convenient to both relax and do business.

Boutique Hotel Turgenev's high-quality interiors are created by true connoisseurs of art. Items of history and design elements framed with modern comfort are collected here exclusively for our guests!


The historic facility, built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries on Turgenevskaya Street, once housed a noble nest of the Balashev dynasty, and then a small copper smelter of Herr Santfleben. Now this landmark of architecture has 16 exquisite rooms, decorated in an elegant classic style. Their authentic interiors create an atmosphere of grandeur and comfort.

Boutique Hotel Turgenev is decorated with collections of art created by famous artists and craftspeople of Europe. All hotel premises are designed in a unique inimitable style and filled with premium furniture by the Italian factory Chelini.

Boutique Hotel Turgenev and its rooms have all the necessary amenities for guests: a cable TV set, air conditioning, Wi-Fi access, telephone set, safes, bathrobes, and Italian perfumery, which is part of the hygiene kits.

Meal Options

Boutique Hotel Turgenev invites its guests to visit the restaurant of the same name, where you can choose original dishes of European and Russian cuisine with exquisite presentation. The restaurant's Chef makes gastronomic masterpieces from the highest quality foods according to unique recipes.

Hotel guests can enjoy breakfast already included in the price. Guests say in their reviews that breakfast here is not only extremely tasty, but also quite large.


The staff provides services at the highest level and makes the guests' stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Our guests can book VIP rooms for 5 people, enjoy free guarded parking, or use dry cleaning and laundry services. Cots, high chairs and board games are available for guests with children.

Besides, you can order photo sessions in the hotel building even if you don't intend to book a room. Pictures taken in the Boutique Hotel Turgenev are magnificent like nowhere else in the city. Newlyweds make use of it most often, and the hotel can provide special rooms for them.

Boutique Hotel Turgenev is located at 13 Turgenevskaya St., Tula. To book a room and find out more about the prices, please call : 8-4872-25-97-25.

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