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Dvoryanskoe Sobranie Hotel

44 Lenin Ave., Tula
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  • Description

    Hotel Dvoryanskoe Sobranie takes pride in friendliness and professionalism of its staff. Our employees are well aware of guests' tastes and habits, make sure that the hotel standards are strictly followed, and do their best to make every day of your stay unforgettable.


    Boutique Hotel Dvoryanskoe Sobranie is designed in a unique style, as are its rooms. Each room takes you back in time, telling a story about the great historical figures who visited Tula. All rooms have a number of features, differ from each other, and are named after famous people:

    • Nicholas II – a Suite with an area of 72 sq. m with a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and large windows;
    • Leo Tolstoy – a Suite with an area of 68 sq. m, a coffee table, a sofa, an LCD TV set, an extra bed, a dining table and a kitchen;
    • Sergey Rachmaninov – a Standard with an area of 39 sq. m, an entrance area, and a kitchenette combined with it.
    • Vladimir Mayakovsky – an Economy with a total area of 19.7 sq. m, where guests will find a comfortable entrance area combined with a kitchenette and a bedroom styled after the early times of the USSR;
    • Maria Ermolova – a Business Suite dedicated to the actress of the Maly Theatre, with an area of 41 sq. m, a living room with a kitchen, and a bedroom;
    • Ivan Turgenev – a Suite with a total area of 77.2 sq. m, a living room, a kitchen and a separate bedroom with two single beds;
    • Vasily Polenov – a Suite with a living room, a large kitchen, and a separate bedroom that has an easel and a palette.

    The guests are fascinated in their reviews: “The history is in every detail here.” They have a point. The 19th century interiors create the impression of a cosy corner of Russian culture and everyday life.

    Meal Options

    Hotel Dvoryanskoe Sobranie offers breakfast that is included in the price. The morning meal is at the hotel restaurant of the same name, where guests will be offered the best European cuisine at affordable prices. You can enjoy both a cosy evening and the beginning of a great day at a table in the dining hall, whose interior is styled after the late 19th century – early 20th century.


    Hotel Dvoryanskoe Sobranie provides its guests with free Internet access in the hotel and restaurant, free guarded parking, free room service, and gifts for all guests if they happen to have their birthday during the stay. An additional pleasant option is areas to take stunning photos in the hotel premises.

    Hotel Dvoryanskoe Sobranie is located at 44 Lenina Pr., Tula

    To book a room, please call : 8-4872-71-77-44.

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    44 Lenin Ave., Tula
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