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    Metallistov Street name was changed several times. One of its old names (Pyatnitskaya Street) was given in honor of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa church located nearby. In the XVI-XVII centuries it was called Nikolskaya street but by the end of the XVIII century, the former name was returned. The current name, Metallistov Street, appeared almost 100 years ago in 1924. Where did it come from? The answer is simple: The Tula branch of the Moscow Company for Metal Processing was located on that street in the house #5.

    In due time famous Tula merchants and entrepreneurs lived in luxurious mansions and estates of Metallistov Street including:

    • merchants of the third guild, Ivan and Peter Melnikov (houses #14 and #16 representing one estate);
    • Liventsev merchant dynasty (house #20);
    • Mikhail Belolipetskiy, the founder of Tula Gingerbread Factory (a mansion #10 designed in the late classicism style).

    In 2017 when the Tula Arms Plant transferred the territory of the former Kazanskaya Embankment to the city administration, large-scale restoration works of old estates on Metallistov street began.

    The block became pedestrial one one represented the most important museums and reserves in Tula Oblast. Branches of the Kulikovo Field, Yasnaya Polyana, the Museum of Arms, the Museum of Local Lore and Art Museum, as well as the museum and the headquarters of the Central Cossack Army may be found here.

    Very soon, a number of tourist objects are going to appear here: a hotel, cafes and shops, a gallery and new walking paths.
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    Metallistov St., Tula
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    Виктор 02 April 2021
    Пешеходная улица, где можно походить по музеям днем и зайти в бар вечером. Красивые исторические здания органично сочетаются с современными музеями и арт-объектами. По улице ходит много экскурсионных групп. В следующую нашу поездку обязательно присоединимся к экскурсии!
Metallistov St., Tula

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