Monument to Holy Peter and Fevronia of Murom Wonderworkers

Tourists just love to take pictures in our Kremlin Square! That is all because there are a lot of art objects! The Kremlin itself, the Mushroom Glade, and the memorial to state security officers. There is also a stunning monument to Saints Peter and Fevronia.

These names are associated with the concept of gracious love and a happy strong family in our country.

The story began in the 13th century, in the ancient city of Murom. The local Knyaz Peter suddenly fell ill with leprosy. According to legend, the daughter of a local beekeeper Fevronia was able to heal this disease. The Knyaz had to marry her for this service, and he did it. And did not regret it! Even when the boyars were against his marriage with a commoner and they forced him to break with her, the Knyaz preferred to give up everything and leave Murom with his wife. The one he loved became dearer than anything else in the world for him.

Soon, the citizens of Murom begged for the return of Peter to rule. The couple returned and ruled so wisely and justly that no one could hear a blasphemous word against them!

Peter and Fevronia died on the same day, being monks already. They were buried together in the same coffin.

Now, do you understand why these saints symbolize the strongest and most unbreakable family love?

It was decided to erect monuments to Peter and Fevronia in various Russian cities as a part of the social initiative "in the family circle," which was launched in 2004 by the All-Russian Patriarch Alexis II. The purpose of the decision was to create a new route point for the newlyweds and popularize the lives of these saints as an example to the young.

The monument to Peter and Fevronia in Tula was erected in 2012, to the delight of the city's residents and guests. Thus, if you are on the Kremlin Square, do not forget to call here!

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