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Interactive Environment Arkheologiya is a new project of the Kulikovo Pole Museum-Reserve in the Tula Museum Quarter. This place is intended to become a point of attraction for cultural and educational recreation of Tula people and guests of the city.

House 8 on Metallistov Street used to belong to merchant Yakov Likhosherstov. He arranged an in-house candle production. The main facade is themed after the late 19th–early 20th century's pseudo-Russian style with unplastered facades decorated with details of early Russian architecture. The building has a square plan with an inner courtyard.

Today, a new museum space is located in this house along with:

  • nteractive exposition “10,000 years before the Tula Kremlin”;
  • exhibition hall;
  • public library specialized in history.

The interactive exhibition “10,000 years before the Tula Kremlin” is an entertaining archaeological journey designed for children and adults alike, specially designed for families. Authentic archaeological objects, games and assignments will help you to go ten thousand years back in time and feel like an ancient man and an archaeology researcher at the same time.

The exhibition hall is a platform to present new exhibition projects of the museum, as well as show fund collections and unique exhibits. The first project of the like was the exhibition “Dmitry Donskoy: Life and Deeds”. The life of Grand Duke Dmitry was rich in events and deeds. During his reign, he managed to significantly expand the borders of the principality, build the first stone Kremlin, and start minting coins in Moscow. One of the key events during his reign was the Battle of Kulikovo, which played a major role in the unification of the Russian lands and marked the beginning of the formation of a single Russian state.

The library contains a unique collection of publications about the Battle of Kulikovo, as well as books on history, archaeology, ethnography, museology, source studies, and art. What make the library unique are private book collections by renowned scientists like V.I. Koretsky, A.K. Zaitsev, A.V. Grigoriev, and the academicians Shchapov.

Interactive Environment Arkheologiya located in the heart of Tula makes it possible to create a unique platform for communication between people who want to make good use of their leisure time, and people engaged in history and archaeology.



Interactive exposition “10,000 years before the Tula Kremlin”;

Family ticket – RUB 300/500,

Children and teens under 16 – free,

Students and senior citizens – RUB 150,

Other visitors – RUB 200.


Children and teens under 16 – free,

Students and senior citizens – RUB 100,

Other visitors – RUB 150.

Contact us

8 Metallistov St.,Tula

Saturday 10:00 to 20:00, Sunday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00, cleaning day on the last Wednesday of the month

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100 — 550 ₽
г. Тула, ул. Металлистов, д. 8
Режим работы
СБ 10:00-19:00, ВС-ПТ 10:00-18:00
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Ольга 21 December 2023
Всё просто супер.
Екатерина 10 September 2023
К посещению рекомендую! Грамотный персонал, ценные артефакты, можно попробовать историю на вкус на "Исторической кухне".
Оксана 23 June 2022
Прекрасное здание! Много работы проведено сотрудниками музея! Все очень интересно, спасибо им больше!
Samovar 23 June 2022
Посетили экскурсию "10000 лет до Тульского кремля"! Узнали много интересного о возникновении любимого города. Всей семьёй потом продигустировали блюда исторической кухни и приняли участие в мастер-классе. Потрясающие экскурсоводы и персонал, адекватные цены! Собираемся изучать этот музей и дальше! Рекомендуем всем возростам)))