Multimedia Tour "Tula - The Workshop of Russia"

The Museum of the Machine of the Octave creative industrial cluster is a place where you will learn everything about the Tula cultural DNA, from pryanik and samovar to large-scale production facilities known all over the world.

The flagship multimedia tour of the museum "Tula - The Workshop of Russia" is a tribute to the city and a gift to the guests of Tula.

This unusual tour will take you on an unforgettable journey through the history of Tula and lead you through the city changing from the time of its foundation to the present.

The core of the tour "Tula - The Workshop of Russia" is the history of inventors and entrepreneurs associated with the region.

The tour will introduce guests of the cluster who and why was called "kazuki" and «kirpichniki» in Tula of the 16th century, what peaceful invention of the designer of weapons Makarov can be found in almost every Russian house, how Hollywood uses Tula developments and why Russian and foreign musicians choose Octave premium microphones for recording their hits.

In total, 43 unique stories are presented in the sections of the tour.

After the tour, it is possible to take a quiz and find out how well you have remembered the facts about Tula.

The tour complements any tourist route and creates a full-fledged image of Tula as a place of power of the great inventors and figures of the industrial history of Russia.

Prices: adult ticket - 300 rubles, children ticket - 200 rubles, student/pensioneer tickets - 250 rubles, family ticket - 650 rubles.

Duration: 30 minutes

The ticket can be purchased at the museum's ticket office and online on the website

The Museum offers discounts on excursions for organized groups; for more information, please call 8-800-707-26-62, 8-963-227-24-20

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200 — 650 ₽
8 Tsentralny Lane, Tula
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every day 12:00-21:00
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