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War Memorial

Monument to the feat of doctors and nurses during the Great Patriotic War

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    The monument to the feat of doctors and nurses in the years of the Great Patriotic War was unveiled on December 30, 2015 at the gymnasium No. 20. The place where the monument is located is of great importance because there was the military hospital until September 1948 at this school, next to which the monument was installed. Moreover, there was a front line of city defense. Thanks to the heroism of the Tula nurses many wounded soldiers survived: more than 162,000 wounded soldiers were saved in Tula during the Great Patriotic War. The monument, created by the sculptor Valery Shanov, is made of bronze and installed on the initiative of the Russian Military Historical Society of the Russian Federation.
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    Tula, Lenin Prospect (near school № 20, house 89)
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Tula, Lenin Prospect (near school № 20, house 89)

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