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Long ago, the Tula border was where nowadays Lev Tolstoy street is. The so-called Kiev Outpost was located there. The city was locked up here at night and all those entering the City of Masters were searched. Since then, more than 120 years have passed and the southern tip of the city now reaches almost to the Yasnaya Polyana. This means that the residents of Zelenstroy, Basovo, Kosaya Gora, and guests of the city who are staying close to the manor of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, Malinovaya Zaseka, Kozlova Zaseka are relatively long to get to the center of the city.

Sometimes there is a wish to spend a quiet evening. To go out of the house or hotel, to take a walk in Mogilev Square or Platonovsky Park, or to go to the cinema. And it is very exhaustive to make a long trip to the center.

The opening of the Almaz Cinema was a moment of joy for all residents and guests of the Tula South!

Clean and well-lit lobbies, colorful movie posters everywhere, movie schedules, and low ticket prices on top of that! All these definitely impress everyone! Verified by our best cinemagoers! "Film of the Day" promotions, when the movie ticket price is as low as 100 rubles, are often held here.

Moreover, before visiting the Almaz Cinema, you may visit the very Platonovsky Shopping Center at the address: 1A Kaluzhskoe Highway, and after that, watch a movie by going up to the fifth floor to.

While waiting for the movie, it is possible to visit a local bar and sit at tables anticipating a great amusement! Employees of this place are quite polite guys.

Now it's time for a movie, so you enter one of the three auditoriums offered by the Almaz Cinema. There is a convenient opportunity to scan an e-ticket at the entrance.

By the way, you may visit the website in advance to see the movie schedule, to book seats, and to buy tickets!

After entering the auditorium, you will immediately feel its home-style coziness. Of course, it is small but this is the very advantage that the Almaz Cinema can boast of. Take a seat in the chair! Have you ever felt anything like this? Soft, comfortable, and wide enough. No movie theater in the city has such places!

Now you are ready! Make yourself comfortable! Enjoy the movie!

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в избранное
100 — 350 ₽
1a Kaluzhskoye Highway, Tula
Режим работы
Every day 10:00-23:00
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