The Church of St. Alexis

It enlivens a part of the city consisting of the barracks of the former Artillery Engineering Institute and the simple buildings of the Polytechnic University. It is not that old but it is still good inside and outside.

It was decided to build the Church of Saint Alexius after one of the officers' meetings of the Artillery Institute. When Patriarch Alexius came to Tula, he consecrated the first stone of this Church and brought an icon of the Saint in whose honor the Church was named as a gift to the parish. The current Patriarch Kirill has also been here!

We finished the construction of the Church of Saint Alexius as late as in 2002. The best craftsmen worked on icons, wood carvings, and forging various elements of the Church. The Church has a library and Sunday school in its territory. There are catechism courses for adults, the results of which are issued an official certificate. The Church conducts educational work in a number of educational institutions.

The Institute is no longer here! The temple is now visited by officers and soldiers of the 106th Guards Air Assault Division, residents of nearby houses, and tourists.

The Church of Saint Alexius welcomes guests with its rectangular zvonnitsa (bell tower), where everyone is allowed to visit at Easter. Completely white, with a golden dome Church is located at the address 99A Lenin Ave., attracting the attention of residents and guests of the city. A rare tourist will not take a picture here as a souvenir.

The Church of Saint Alexius honorably decorates Tula and awaits you within its walls!

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99A Lenin Ave., Tula
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