"Power of the Pattern" Bench

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    The "Power of the Pattern" Bench art object. The matter is that the surrounding objects and symbols have an impact on our lives. Executed in the technique of mosaic, the bench imitates a lot of embroidered themes that have been used by girls in Russia as a talisman to meet their "only one," to create a family and a long happy life together. The spiritual and geometric basis of the pattern is set by a repeated element of the ornament, rapport, which consists of symbols of the unity of male and female principles, the entry into a new life, as well as of the signs attracting peace of mind and balance.

    It happened that using the signs embedded in the imitation of woven mosaic crosses, it is possible to create a powerful charge of luck.

    We hope that using our new talisman, you will be able to change the fate and bring desirable events in your life, as well as to make a beautiful photo.

    The bench is heated and illuminated in the dark. On the wall above the bench, it is customary to leave inscriptions using a marker pen Name+Name =

    This art object is very popular among young people and, especially, among the guests of the city.

    The bench is located at the address: 85 Lenin Ave., Tula, Likerka Loft, at the entrance to the building 4.
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    85 Lenin Ave., Tula
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85 Lenin Ave., Tula

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