Tula Antiquities Museum and Exhibition Center

Tula, Lenin Prospect, 47
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  • Description
    It was founded in 1993 in Tula in a manor complex of the beginning of the 20th century by the decision of the Tula City Council of People's Deputies as the Municipal Historical and Archaeological Museum « Tula Antiquities» named after N.I. Troitsky for the purpose of protection, propaganda and study of historical and archeological monuments of the city of Tula and the region. May 18, 1995 on the International Museum Day, the archaeological exposition of the museum was solemnly opened, dedicated to the history of the Tula region from the Stone Age until the creation of the Tula Province in the 18th century. The main part of the collection of the museum was archaeological collections collected by the Tula archaeological expedition in 1990-1996. In connection with the creation of the State Museum-Reserve "Kulikovo Field" in September 1997, the museum was attached to the reserve as an affiliate – The Museum and Exhibition Center "Tula Antiquities". Currently, the Tula representation of the museum-reserve is located here. Until June 2014, two expositions worked at the Museum and Exhibition Center. Archaeological exposition for almost twenty years of its existence acquainted with the history of the Tula region more than 400 thousand Tula and guests of the city. With each of the more than 800 exhibits of the Tula archaeological expedition, which acquired a new life in it, their stories were connected, which the guides of the Tula Antiquities told visitors. Together with the museum relics, travels were made day by day on the history of Tula, they began in the Stone Age, and ended in the Tula region of the XVI-XVII centuries. Since February 17, 2015 in the museum a new exposition "The Tale of the Mamai Battle" is presented. The structure of the exposition includes several cognitive-game themes for children and adult visitors. Here you can make annalistic miniatures, hear the sounds of the Middle Ages, work in a weapons workshop and weave chain mail, feel the weight of weapons and try on the armament of Russian and Horde warriors. A journey through the history of Mamayev's massacre will be completed on the battlefield of the battle, where regiments of troops of Dmitry Donskoy and Mamai are stationed. The main motto of the museum-game exposition is "Touching is allowed!". The same rule also works in the exposition "Secrets of the Tula masters" The interactive exposition "Secrets of Tula masters" Was opened in the museum "Tula antiquities" in 1999. Its main intention is to immerse the visitor into the atmosphere of the master of Tula of the XVI-XVIII centuries, the possibility of his direct participation in the historically recreated, truthful and museum-stylized process of medieval production. The basis of the interactive exhibition is made up of both original items and replicas made by Tula masters. Three thematic sections of the exposition represent the hut of the Tula artisan as living quarters, like a pottery and blacksmith's workshop.
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    Tula, Lenin Prospect, 47
    8 (4872)36-16-63
    воскресенье - пятница: 10:00 - 18:00, суббота: 10:00 - 19:00
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