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City Concert Hall is a place that you want to visit again and again! One of the favorite places of leisure for Tula residents and city visitors.

The City Concert Hall was built in the 80s of the last century and was called the Palace of Culture of the Tula Weapon Factory at the address: 2 Sovetskaya Street. It hosted many hobby clubs, evenings, theatrical performances, and other events. Little has changed since then.

Upper floors accommodated choreographic clubs and dance halls, students of which bring joy to the audience of the big stage of the City Concert Hall at reporting concerts.

This is where famous actors, musicians, and performers come to show their performances. Regional events, awards, grand openings, and festivals have been held here for a very long time because the City Concert Hall is one of the main venues in Tula.

Children's events, Christmas tree festivals, and masterclasses can be often seen here.

The City Concert Hall is located right in the very center of the city and it is possible to get here by any type of public transport, by tram, trolleybus, bus, and fixed-route taxi. Moreover, it is possible to park a car on the side of Mosin Street and Komintern Street.

Let us imagine that today you are attending a concert of your favorite band! You see the long-awaited announcement on the website in a month before or even earlier, buy a ticket online, or order it by phone.

Here you are already in place walking up the steps in the form of piano keys to the main entrance to the City Concert Hall. Welcome to the spacious and bright lobby. The audience is awaiting the upcoming event, talking, smiling, and laughing. Someone gathered in groups around a man telling a story vividly. A guy by the window is whispering something in the ear of a girl in an evening dress. Suvorov students sit in the buffet and eat ice cream.

You hand over your coat to the wardrobe almost without waiting in line, take a number, and slowly walk along the corridor, surveying the surrounding environment. The walls show bright photos with celebrities who came here earlier. You also notice posters saying that the concert hall invites you to an exhibition of gems next month.

But here the first bell rings. Gradually, the audience begins to pass into the auditorium. You walk up the stairs to the second floor and find yourself in an even more spacious lobby! The ticket is presented to the controller and a cozy auditorium with a thousand seats already welcomes you with comfortable seats and a huge curtain. The curtain opens and…

To be continued! Everything is in your hands!

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2 Sovetskaya St., Tula
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Mon-Thu 09:00–18:00; Fri 09:00–17:00
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