Monument to Peter the Great

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    The Monument to Peter the Great. The sculptor is Robert Romanovich Bakh. The monument was made with the donations from workers and employees of the Arms Plant. First the monument was erected in 1912 and dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Tula Arms Plant. Contrary to lots of monuments representing Peter I in his royal greatness, the monument in Tula shows the tsar as a worker standing at an anvil with a hammer. In 1923 the monument was dismantled and sent to storage. In 1926 on the order of Peter Bogdanov, the chairman of the All-Russian Council of People’s Economy, the monument was returned to its place. In the autumn 1941 the monument was pulled off the plinth, than it was wrapped in oiled rags, put into a wooden box and let down to the bottom of the river Upa, for preservation. According to another source, the bronze Peter was evacuated to Mednogorsk. In 1962 the monument to Peter I was erected on its present-day place.
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Sovetskaya St., Tula

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