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    Cinema Park has appeared in Tula rather recently. It is located at 2 Proletarskaya Street, in the Maxi shopping and entertainment center.

    Do you know what that means?

    This means that it can easily be included in your tourist route through the center of Tula. We will explain to you what to do!

    Imagine that you have already visited the Tula State Museum of Arms in the morning and now are going to walk along the renovated Kazan Embankment. The day has just started and you have already received a good boost of pleasant impressions.

    When walking along the embankment, a thought suddenly comes to your mind: "What to do in the evening?" You decide to diversify the day's cultural and educational tourism with evening entertainment.

    Cinema Park will successfully deal with this task. You may buy tickets to this cinema on the spot or you may look at the movie posters, schedules, and prices on the website and buy a ticket online or by phone.

    Let's go back to our route…

    After exploring all the charms of the Kazan Embankment, we recommend you to visit the old Tula Kremlin. Here, it is possible to wander on the walls of the fortress, to book a tour, to go to the shopping arcade, and to buy a pryanik or even a whole samovar!

    It's getting dark. We are heading towards the Proletarian Bridge. There is a huge Ferris wheel in the parking lot of the Maxi shopping center, from which you will see the sun fading on the horizon and the City of Masters being filled with evening lights. Don't forget to take a photo!

    Now, we go to the shopping center and follow the signs. Cinema Park will offer you several IMAX auditoriums, which promise you the complete immersion in the world of the movie and even becoming a companion of the main character.

    The interior in the lobby of the cinema is super-space! If you have never been on an intergalactic vessel, then this will be a new experience for you! And this is great! Before the movie session, Cinema Park offers a snack at the bar and a popcorn bucket for the entire duration of a movie.

    The auditorium is extremely comfortable! It's not stuffy here and there are quite comfortable seats! Huge screen, fantastic sound, inimitable Real 3D technology! Amazing!

    Among the large variety of auditoriums of Cinema Park, there is one equipped specially for children! Watching cartoons becomes a double pleasure!

    There is also a luxury premium room for maximum comfort! This is not forgettable!

    Cinema Park is already selling tickets for the coolest movie of the season! Check the movie schedule and prices and rush for impressions! We are waiting for you!

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    2 Proletarskaya St., Tula
    8 (800) 700‑01-11
    Every day 10:00-23:00
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2 Proletarskaya St., Tula
8 (800) 700‑01-11
Every day 10:00-23:00
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