The Lugininy Palace

The Luginin Palace The homestead was mainly founded in the 1760s. The central part of the building was erected in that time. The left and right wings were built in 1860s. Larion Ivanovich Luginin, a prominent manufacturer from Tula, was the owner. The estate later belonged to his son Maksim Larionovich and his grandson Ivan Maksimovich Luginin. The Luginins had several factories in the Urals, they also had canvas factory in Alyoshnya village in Aleksin district. The factory had a monopoly right for the supply of sails for the Russian fleet. Larion Luginin became a member of joint-stock company«, called The Mediterranean Sea Trade Company, which controlled Russian merchants’ activities in the Mediterranean countries. Luginin was known among his colleagues as the “Russian lion of foreign commerce”. Larion Luginin was a first-rank merchant and he was the 1st mayor of Tula in its history (1777-1780). At the time of his election to this position his fortune amounted to 2.5 million rubles. His spacious four-storied mansion with intricate decoration in the baroque style was the most gorgeous and majestic building of those times. The Luginins were famous for their hospitality. Grigoriy Aleksandrovich Potemkin was among those people who visited this house. After Ivan Luginin’s death this mansion changed several owners.The Ministry of National Education bought this mansion to house a men’s gymnasia in 1860-1861. It to the gymnasia that this building owes its fame. Leo Tolstoy, who was interested in pedagogics in 50s-60s, often visited that place and his sons studied there, as well as such famous people as the zoologist Mikhail Menzbir, the mechanical scientist Nikolay Mertsalov, the writer Vikenty Veresayev and others. Лучшие фотографы в топ-100 на Профессиональные фотографии и цены на услуги фотографов.
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7 Mendeleevskaya St., Tula
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