Historical Memorial Museum of Demidovs

You know, if there are legends about you around the country, moreover, these legends are positive, then you are definitely an extraordinary person. There are not many such talents in the fields of entrepreneurship or industry in our times but if there are any, then it will be necessary to leave a museum of such a person for posterity, which will tell about its life, leisure, and success.

In the era of Peter I, such a person was Nikita Demidov. Billionaire, philanthropist, genius… It is all about him! And, of course, there is the Demidov Memorial Museum in Tula. You don't need to search for its address since it is located next to the Tula State Museum of Arms. There is a huge monument to this great industrialist on the square in front of the facility!

The Demidov dynasty seriously monopolized the production of high-quality cast-iron in the Russian Empire! Many cities in the Urals were created due to the assertiveness and talents of all representatives of the family of industrialists. Under the reign of Peter the Great, many architectural forms of Saint Petersburg were built from cast-iron produced by Nikita Demidov and for his money. And his descendants as well left the worthy mark in history as he had done.

The Demidov Necropolis Museum will be happy to show you all the merits of this noble family. Be sure to take a tour because it really inspires deeds; besides, without the tour, no one is allowed to the tomb of the dynasty.

What else will please us about the Demidov Museum in Tula? Old household items of the family, remnants of weapons supplied to the Russian army during the Northern War, and various mechanisms of the 17th century! Extremely interesting!

In any case, the Demidov Museum should be visited before entering the Museum of Arms! Meetings, quests, masterclasses, and, what is most important, useful excursions are held here!

Come to visit the Demidov Museum! Take commemorative pictures! Take good emotions and souvenirs with you! Address: 9 Demidovskaya Str.!

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9 Demidovskaya St., Tula
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Tue, Wed, Thu, Sun 10:00-18:00; Fri, Sat 10:00-19:00
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Ян 19 September 2021
Очень маленький, скромненький музей. Персонал музея отлично знают историю Демидовых и Тулы и с удовольствием делятся своими знаниями. Понравилось, рекомендую к посещению.