Tula Multimedia Machine Tool Museum

The Tula Multimedia Machine Tool Museum is the only museum of its kind in Russia. This is because visitors who come here expect to see static exhibits, but find themselves immersed in digital performances about people who changed the world with their inventions. The Machine Tool Museum at Oktava offers the choice of one of three multimedia tours:

  • “Tula: The Workshop of Russia” is a story about savvy, inventive and hardworking inhabitants of Tula. This is a perfect starting point of your route through the City of Craftsmen, since the live communication of digital presenters Masha and Snegir with the guests gives you an idea of ​​the periods and main events of the region, presented through the stories of local inventors and their inventions.
  • “The Little Machine Tool and Spindle’s Tour” is a digital quest for children, where participants, together with the main characters, assemble a scooter on the conveyor belt and simultaneously get acquainted with inventors, discoveries, machine tools, and factories.
  • “The History of the Industry” is the perfect start of the route dedicated to industrial tourism in Tula. Voiced by popular Russian actors, this multimedia guided tour introduces its visitors to the periods of industrialization and the discoveries that brought about industrial revolutions.

The prices of the Machine Tool Museum in Tula are available on the official website.

We recommend our guests to complement their experiences of multimedia tours by visiting equally interesting sites that too are our partners:

    • The Fablab Laboratories, where visitors can take part in a workshop after the tour. Learn more about the workshops here:
  • Temporary exhibitions halls, where we invite international artists and various creative associations with their works in the field of contemporary art. To find out which exhibition is taking place today, please follow the link:
  • Tour routes through the main attractions of Tula and the modern enterprise BRAER. Find out more about ready-made industrial tours here:

The Machine Tool Museum invites you to visit two performances of our creative partner, the Baraban Theater:

  • “The Boy Who Lost His Voice” is a story about a boy seeking his own self through acquaintance with historical figures and their inventions. The audience chooses the performance finale.
  • “The Radio Plant: Voices” is a production where the main characters recall their fate associated with the Oktava Plant and the life of Tula during the Soviet years. The documentary show is enhanced with modern multimedia effects.

You can find our address and phone number in the Contacts section. Select a tour and visit our unique Machine Tool Museum.

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150 — 350 ₽
24 Kaminsky St., Tula
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Every day 12:00-21:00
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Константин 24 April 2021
Музей 21 века - всё очень продумано, от звукового сопровождения до подачи информации. Рад, что посетил этот музей, остался очень впечатлен увиденным.