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Monument to S. I. Mosin

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    The authors are Sculptor Vera Ilyinichna Mukhina and architecture Alexey Alekseevich Zavarzin. The opening of the monument was in 1958 after the government adopted a resolution to perpetuate the memory of Mosin in 1949. Sergey Ivanovich Mosin (1849-1902) was a talented armorer and technologist. In 1875 he was sent to the Tula Arms Plant. After graduating from the Artillery Academy in 1880, he was appointed head of the tool workshop. In 1883 Mosin developed his first repeating rifles. He improved the Berdan rifle attaching to it a magazine for eight cartridges. On 16 April 1891 the sample of rifle, developed by Mosin, was officially approved and named Three-line rifle model 1891 . It was the first case when a weapon was not named after its creator. In 1900 at the World Exhibition in Paris, it won the Grand Prix. The rifle was produced till 1944 and was in service of the Soviet army until the mid 1970-s. Since 1894 Mosin was the head of Sestroretsk Arms Plant.
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    Tula Arms Factory Mini-Park, Tula
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Tula Arms Factory Mini-Park, Tula
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