Grandfather Philemon Accordion Museum

The Grandfather Philemon Accordion Museum in Tula is a place where even boots can be a musical instrument. Sounds hard to believe? Be sure, a women’s boot, on which it is quite possible to play any melody, is one of the most captivating exhibits of our collection. The Grandfather Philemon Museum has over one hundred such curious musical instruments. Unusually large and very tiny, completely new and centenary harmonicas, button accordions, and accordions are gathered under one roof at ul. Mendeleyevskaya, 9. Each exhibit here has its own unique feature. In order to point out to the guests the peculiarities of the instruments on display, they are not only talked about, but also played fervently!

The Grandfather Philemon Museum keeps the very first Russian accordions of the Tula gunsmith Ivan Sizov within its walls. The production of this reed instrument, which he had jumpstarted, spread throughout the country in the middle of the 19th century and gave rise to such types of accordions as Novorzhevsk, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Yelets, Livens, etc. They all can be seen and heard in our museum.

Tula is famous for its accordions. Whole dynasties of manufacturers of this musical instrument lived in the city. The products of the Vorontsovs, Chulkovs, and Kiselevs are part of our exposition. Many instruments produced in Soviet times helped brilliant musicians win elite awards around the world.

The Grandfather Philemon Accordion Museum invites you to an immersive performance centered on our guests and the accordion. Dances, songs, and musical plays with roulades are an integral part of the tours.

Finding us is quite easy. If you are walking past the Nikitskaya Tower of the Tula Kremlin in the Kremlin Garden, you just need to cross Mendeleyevskaya Street and turn left. An old balcony and a two-story building, from which the sounds of an accordion can be heard, letting our guests know they are on the right track. To order excursions and clarify the prices, please call: +7 (910) 157-17-19. Accordion is a wonder of an instrument, and we are always glad to meet visitors!

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200 — 250 ₽
9 Mendeleyevskaya St., Tula
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Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00
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Никита 17 March 2021
Сюда нужно приходить за хорошим настроением, а если оно и так хорошее - то станет ещё лучше! Экскурсия под музыку, экспонаты забавные, сотрудники музея самые душевные люди, которых только можно встретить) самое главное, что музей совсем рядом с Тульским Кремлем, что очень экономит время, когда оно ограничено, а хочется увидеть как можно больше!