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Batashev House in Komsomolskaya str.

Tula, Komsomolskaya str., 1
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  • Description
    "The monument is a brick two-storey building complex on a plan on the semi-basement built in the Baroque style. The main entrance is located on the northern facade. The walls are made of red bricks, plastered and painted. The roof is hipped, and has a complex planform. Bearing rafter system is metal trusses. The facades of the building are symmetrical. The northern facade has two lateral risalit, the southern one has one central risalit. The decor of the facade is in the Baroque style. Crown cornice is developed and versatile. The interstorey belt divides the building into two floors. The decoration of the facade system emphasizes the primacy of the upper floor. The corners of the building with minor bevels are decorated with pilasters. The planes of the walls are rhythmically separated by smooth and rusted pilasters into fields, in which the windows are arranged in pairs. The windows are framed by decorative architraves: on the first floor there are semicircles and droppers in the window sill part as well as head mouldings of various forms (semicircular, triangular, in the form of torn fronts with curls); on the ground floor there are wide frame architraves with ears. The building has a half-pace staircase which is a historical staircase with landings and guardrails. Staging site on four cast of cast-iron studs. All elements of stairs (marches, platforms, railings, racks) made of artistic casting with decor. The monument is located on the territory of the hospital-polyclinic complex fenced with a metal lattice fence along Komsomolskaya Street. A section of the old fence was preserved in front of the western facade of the monument. "
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    Tula, Komsomolskaya str., 1
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