Tea Party: A Monument in Tula

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Puzakov Steet and Oktyabrskaya Steet Intersection (Oktiabrsky Square), Tula
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  • Description

    The Tula Tea Party sculpture created by the designer Marina Logunova is made of bronze and represents a tea party scene, in which a man is sitting at the table, playing the accordion and a woman is listening attentively. There is a Tula samovar and the traditional Tula sweet, a printed gingerbread, on the table. A cat and a dog friendly lying near the table accompany the cozy scene. There are an unoccupied chair by the table and a vacant cup of tea on it, which seems to invite guests and inhabitants of Tula to take part in this scene, literally to sit at the table and to imagine oneself a participant of the Tula tea party.

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    Puzakov Steet and Oktyabrskaya Steet Intersection (Oktiabrsky Square), Tula
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