The Cathedral of the Dormition of the Tula Kremlin (Russian: Uspensky sobor), also known as Cathedral of the Assumption of the Tula Kremlin

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    Uspenskiy cathedral of Tula Kremlin was built on the site of the ancient Archangel Cathedral that had turned into a ramshackle condition. The construction of the Uspenskiy Cathedral began on May 7, 1762. On October 19, 1766 the cathedral was consecrated. It has a construction of a hall temple with a complex overlay structure and five beautiful photic domes. It is a one-storey cathedral with two rows of windows. Outside it is decorated with wonderful white – stone thread of the Baroque form. It is used to be a summer temple – without any heating system. In 1772, there began the construction of a four – tiered bell tower near the cathedral, which was completed in 1781 and 22 bells were placed on it. The bell tower was 70 meters high and had a gilded spire and a clock. At the base of the bell tower there was a warm temple of St. Tikhon of Amafuntsky with a chapel of St. John Chrysostom. The bell tower was lost. Inside the temple was painted by famous Yaroslavl artisans in 1765 – 1767. Frescos are of great artistic interest.
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    Tula, Mendeleevskaya Street, 2, the Tula Kremlin
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Tula, Mendeleevskaya Street, 2, the Tula Kremlin

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