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Komsomol Park in Tula

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188A Octyabrskaya St., Tula
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  • Description

    The Komsomol Park of Culture and Recreation is one of the most beautiful venues of the Zarechensky District of Tula. It is a part of the Regional State Institution "Tula Parks." The Park was founded by the city sanitary doctors, A.A.Aleksandrov, F.S.Arkhangelsky, at the expense of Tula philanthropists, first of all, the merchant A.M.Salishchev (who lived in Zarechye). The Park is located in the Northern part of the city along Oktyabrskaya Street (formerly Millionnaya Street). Its area is 26.3 hectares. The main avenue of the park leads through its entire territory to the Tula Airport Klokovo. This neighborhood contributed to its appearance and landscape design. There is an artificial pond fed by the springs in the Park. And its pride is the spring, which is an indicator of the ecological purity of the natural environment of the Park. According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No.1327 dated 30.08.1960, the Komsomol Park of Culture and Recreation is a protected federal cultural heritage site. In 1977, it was granted the status of a specially protected area, a regional monument of nature. In the Komsomol Park of Culture and Recreation, one may always spend time with fun and find something to do. As soon as the wrought-iron gates of the Park remain behind, time slows down its rhythm. It is possible to escape from the daily worries by walking along the avenues of the Park or sitting on a bench with an interesting book. But this is not all options of the pastime in its territory. For younger visitors, the Park provides a large playground where they may ride on the slides, play in the sandbox, or climb the horizontal bars. Under strict parental supervision, of course. For athletes and fans of active recreation, the Park provides a sports area, where a workout area, a gift of the Governor of Tula Region V.S.Gruzdev, is located. An unforgettable experience will remain with the whole family from visiting the amusement sector of the Park. Certainly, no holiday passes through the Komsomol Park. New year, Christmas, Maslenitsa, Defender of the Fatherland Day, International Women's Day, Children's Day, Park Day, the list is endless, but the fact is that on these days, the Park hosts a fun show program with costumed performance, competitions, games, lottery draw, and, of course, smiles of all participants. In conclusion, it should be noted that after spending the whole day in nature, one will definitely want something to eat. There is no need to go far, everything is at hand. In the Park, there are not only food points to eat delicious pie and drink water, but there are also cafes to have a delicious lunch or dinner.

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    188A Octyabrskaya St., Tula
    8 (4872) 25-49-05, 25-55-99
    Working hour of the attractions - every day 12:00-20:00
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