Monument to Dinosaur (Mother-in-Law)

Not many guests of Tula know that the city has a monument to Mother-in-Law. This one-of-a-kind art object is located on the way from Moscow to the heart of Tula. Having entered the city, you can first visit the monument dedicated to V.F. Rudnev, the commander of the cruiser Varyag, then stop at the sculptural composition The Tula Tea Party and, going down the Oktyabrskaya Street, take a photo at the Mother-in-Law monument, famous in Tula. This will be a great addition to the book of memories associated with the trip to the City of Craftsmen.

The address of the monument to the Mother-in-Law in Tula is 26 Oktyabrskaya St. This street has historical value: since 1779, it has been the main road leading to Moscow. Rich merchants, officials, nobles settled here, for which it was named Millionnaya (the street of millionaires). Today, there are many houses of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries left here. If you want to walk to the Mother-in-Law on foot, it would be a wise sightseeing choice.

In fact, the proper name for the sculpture is “a monument to a dinosaur in Tula”. Calling the tyrannosaurus the Mother-in-Law is the idea of ​​the inhabitants of the City of Craftsmen. And why exactly was the dinosaur positioned here? Because the Tula Regional Exotarium, where the descendants of the ancient reptile live, is right behind it.

Over 30 years ago the sculptor Yuri Uvarkin received an order for such a composition from Sergei Ryabov, the director of the Exotarium. On October 30, 1989, the “dinosaur” was installed. The author himself affectionately named the monument to the dinosaur Serpentina Yurievna, but the Tula citizens quickly renamed it.

The Mother-in-Law is made of concrete, though you’d never tell, because its surface is covered with a layer of copper just under a millimeter thick. The dinosaur sculpture weighs as much as 3 tons, and its height is almost 3 meters. In fact, Serpentina Yurievna can be considered a model of a real tyrannosaurus on a scale of 1:43.

But the most interesting feature of the Mother-in-Law is its love for outfits. Once, on March 8, the staff of the Tula Exotarium found a bouquet of flowers in the tyrannosaurus’s paw. The sense of humor was appreciated and a rational decision was made to dress up Serpentina Yurievna for different holiday dates. For example, on September 1, the Mother-in-Law appears in front of the Tula residents and guests of the city in a snow-white school apron; the dinosaur becomes a cute Snow Maiden by the New Year. Having appeared over 30 years ago, the Mother-in-Law monument brings cheer to anyone who walks or drives by!

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26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
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