Dinosaur (Mother-in-Law) Monument

26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
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    In the autumn of 1989, a monument to the dinosaur was erected in Tula but it was called so only by the workers of the zoo exotarium. The townspeople came up with another name for the monument. The dinosaur monument in Tula is better known as the Mother-in-Law Monument or the "Mother-in-Lawzaur." But this is not the last joke of Tula citizens. Once on the holiday on March 8, someone presented a bouquet of flowers to the paws of the "Mother-in-Law." Employees of the exotarium responded to this with a sense of humor and began to come up with images of the monument and embody them. Now, the dinosaur is dressed up in different outfits almost every holiday. The "Mother-in-Law" has already the Little Red Riding Hood girl, Snow Maiden, a schoolgirl, a vampire, and many other characters. By the way, the sculptor Yuri Uvarkin called his dinosaur Tina, so it is usually dressed up only in women's outfits and it is respectfully called Serpentina Yuriyevna.

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    26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
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