Memorial Museum of N.I. Beloborodov

Do you know what Tula is famous for?

Pryaniks? Yes!

Weapons? Yes!

Samovars? Yes!

Enough? No!

The harmonica is the main musical instrument of the City of Masters. There are not only Dulnaya (Muzzle) Street and Stvolnaya (Barrel) Str. but also Garmonnaya (Harmonica) Str.

Such attention to this instrument is due to the fact that the inventor of chromatic harmonica, Nikolai Ivanovich Beloborodov, who launched a new brand of Tula, lived here.

Descendants could not forget such a contribution of the inventor to the history of the city and created a memorial museum for him! This is our respect for the masters of their craft!

You probably noticed that our city has a huge number of museums? Thus, here is our advice to you to manage everything planned: first, visit those museums that glorify our traditional crafts. The Beloborodov Museum in Tula is just one of them.

The most amazing and valuable exhibits will interest not only musicians but... everyone at all. Here you can listen to an old gramophone, to a physharmonica performance, and to see the first prototype of "khromka."

N.I.Beloborodov Museum often holds concerts, evening parties, and art exhibitions. Thus, you have a great chance to find such a nice addition to the main exhibition.

Do you know what gratitude Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky expressed to Beloborodov? The greatest composer was the first to include a new type of harmonica in the symphony due to our inventor!

It all started with the fact that the young Nikolai Ivanovich was interested in playing the harmonica but he lacked all the polyphony of the instrument, its semitones. Then, he started working on the chromatic harmonica. His efforts were crowned with success.

But let us keep from going too far ahead!

Come here in person! Take pictures! Walk through the halls! N.I.Beloborodov Memorial Museum at your service!

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50 — 100 ₽
16 Lenin Ave., Tula
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Tue-Sun 10:00 – 18:00, Fri- Sat 10:00 – 19:00
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Зульфия 03 August 2021
Небольшой, очень душевный музей с уникальной коллекцией. Рекомендую к посещению всем гостям и жителям Тулы.