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House of Bezobrazov XIX century

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Tula, Mendeleevskaya str., 3
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  • Description
    It is located in the depth of the eastern part of the block bounded by Mendeleevskaya, Staronikitskaya, Sovetskaya, and Turgenevskaya streets. This is a two-storied stone building with an L-shaped layout. Overall dimensions are 26.3*23.6m. Due to high level of the sole the bottom of the ground floor windows are almost at the same level that of the blind area. There is a moderate volume of a superstructure of a mezzanine under an independent roof at the south corner. There is a more recent two-storied extension of silicate bricks along the whole length of the fa?ade from the north-western side. The walls of the facades of the initial volume are plastered and painted. The central part of the main fa?ade is emphasized with a high three-parted attic. The main fa?ade decoration is eclectic with features of classicism. There is an ugly vestibule in before the entrance.
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    Tula, Mendeleevskaya str., 3
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