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If you came to Tula, but don't know the city well? Don't know where to buy souvenirs or order an exciting tour? Don't know the addresses of hotels, cafes, and places to take the best pictures? Then the first thing to do is contact the Reception Center, where they will tell you everything, show you everything, treat you with a cup of coffee, and keep you from the trouble!

However, this is not about the Reception Center but about the point where it is located.

Vosstaniya Square is a place where shuttle buses arrive from Moscow. There is also a large free parking space in the city center. The only (yet) five-star hotel in Tula, SK Royal, is opposite the square.

Vosstaniya Square is named after the events of 1903 when representatives of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party came out to the first political demonstration. The Cossacks and Black Hundreds had quickly put things in order and nothing remarkable happened here until the revolution of 1917. The place for self-expression of the working classes was not chosen by chance since this square remained the main one until the 80s of the 20th century. In tsarist times, (still called) Spasskaya Square was named after the city's most beautiful temple and one of the Kremlin's towers.

But time went on. In 1926, a monument to Lenin appeared here and the Transfiguration Church was demolished.

Now only a modest obelisk in honor of the events of 1903 and the name of the bus stop, "Vosstaniya Square," where the reception Center is located, reminds of the former purpose of this place.
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Vosstaniye Square, Tula
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