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Obelisk to the peasant uprising under the leadership of Bolotnikov

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    A granite obelisk was erected in 1953 and is dedicated to the uprising led by Ivan Isaevitch Bolotnikov. In the summer and autumn of 1607 Tula became the center of fierce battles of the governmental troops with the rebels. During the 4-month siege of Tula by the tsarist troops the rebels defended with great courage. Even the flooding of Tula with the help of the dam, built on the river Upa, did not break the defenders of the city. Only after Shuisky’s promise to save the life of all the rebels the gates of the city were opened on the 10th of October. The tsar did not keep his promise: Bolotnikov was executed. The fall of Tula meant the end of the uprising.
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    2 Mendeleyevskaya St., (the Tula Kremlin), Tula
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2 Mendeleyevskaya St., (the Tula Kremlin), Tula

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