The Palace of children's (youthful) creativity

Tula City Duma. The building was built in the late XIX century on the area belonging to the famous Tula fisherman Ignaty Kuzmich Platonov. There was a fish store called Platonov on the first floor of the building, in which local and Astrakhan fish was sold. In the early twentieth century, the funeral house of Medvedev was also situated there. The second floor of the building was occupied by the Tula City Duma. It was established in 1870, its members of the town council were elected for four years by people who had a certain property qualification. One of the members of the town council was Konstantin Ignatievich Platonov. The Duma was headed by its chairman, who was the mayor of the city. Under the Duma, the executive body was the administrative board of a city. In the early twentieth century, until 1917, the administrative board of a city worked in this building. Tula City Duma in the late XIX - early XX centuries took a lot of important decisions: on the construction of urban water supply, the laying of a city park, the opening of schools and hospitals, the construction of a city power plant in the Kremlin. After the establishment of Soviet power, the building of the City Duma was nationalized, it housed various organizations and lodging association «Krasnaya Kuznitsa», and the Duma building was connected to a second historical building –, located just 2-3 m away from the Liventsev's house, in the courtyard of the Duma building, created in the 1760s. In 1937, the building was given to the Palace of Pioneers, at the same time the third floor was built up, sculptures depicting young musicians, designers, athletes who did not survive to this day, and the date "1937" appeared on the fa?ade. In 1941, the headquarters of the 154th Infantry Division, which distinguished itself during the heroic defense of Tula in the autumn-winter of 1941, and later the military hospital, was located there. Currently, there is the "Youth Center" in the house.
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Tula, Revolutsiy Street, 2
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