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The Lenin Square in Tula is a place with a rich history, where many centuries before the time of Peter I was the heart of the City of Masters.

Nowadays, every guest, being in the center of the square, may see many attractions. Look at the photo above! See the red wall with the towers? This is our old Tula Kremlin with a five-hundred-year history. To the left of the Odoyevskaya Tower with a green dome, we see a building with columns, the current Museum of Samovars. The Transfiguration Church and the majestic Assumption Cathedral stand opposite the Kremlin. In front of the white government building, there is a monument to the "leader of the world proletariat," contemplating the restored temples of Tula, shopping and entertainment centers, fun and bright holidays that are often held on the square named after him.

Before the construction of the "White House" in 1983, the Lenin Square was a continuation of the main street of the city, Kommunarov Street (former Kiyevskaya Street). There were many residential buildings, shops, historical heritage sites, including the wonderful house of Yermolaev-Zverev, built in the Art Nouveau style. Today, only the government building of Tula Region, adjacent entirely to the square, has the address "2 Lenin Avenue," reminding Tula residents of the old quarter.

Today, the Lenin Square is a place for parades on May 9 and other holidays, accompanied by performances of Russian pop stars, fireworks, performances of creative teams.

We invite you to fill your life with bright colors. Come to the main square of our city as soon as possible and whirl in the vortex of Tula impressions!
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Lenin Square, Tula
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