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St. Nicholas on Rzhavets Church

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    In many names of addresses, cities, and churches, there are names that are incomprehensible to the modern ordinary people. Let us take, for example, the Church of St. Nicholas "on Rzhavets."

    What is "Rzhavets"?

    In ancient times, when the borders of Tula passed along the current Sovetskaya Street, there was a swamp nearby. A small river ran out of that swamp. It was of reddish color because it contained too much iron. Thus, the inhabitants called this river Rzhavets (Rusty River)!

    In the seventeenth century, a wooden church was built not far from the source named the Church of St. Nicholas "on Rzhavets."

    There is no longer that swamp, and the river is long gone but the name remains, passing through the centuries!

    Wooden churches tend to quickly deteriorate and in 1770, according to the expectations of local residents, the stone church has already been consecrated here! This is what we may see in our days!

    In the silence of the "Red Courtyard," one may walk around the square in the territory of the church and take a few pictures! Don't forget to come and put a candle to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker!
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    6Б Revolyutsii St., Tula
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6Б Revolyutsii St., Tula

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