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For Tula's guests who are looking for the most Insta-worthy and hippest spot in the city, 9 out of 10 natives will recommend the Urban Space ISKRA. One can say with certainty what Iskra lacks: cars, Soviet box-like houses, crowds, queues, and extravagant prices. And what does it have? In the very least, old-time walls of pre-revolutionary houses, the cozy atmosphere, pleasant music, pieces of art that change every season, photos and videos of the space, and small restaurants whose interiors let you feel their creators' refined taste. This is how the Urban Space Iskra presents itself to Tula's guests. In the evening, as the lights turn on, this place grows even more charming, which inspires guests to leave raving comments for this cozy nook.

This amazing place is situated at the crossing of two historical streets — Blagoveshchenskaya, named after the city's oldest temple, and Sovetskaya, which used to be Posolskaya. Just a stone's throw away are the Tula Kremlin, the pedestrian street Metallistov and Kazanskaya Embankment. All those historical sites make up the revamped Museyny Kvartal tourist complex. The Urban Space Iskra fits excellently in the local cityscape combining modern construction standards and the pre-revolution period decor.

For the most part, this atmosphere is facilitated by the walls of the former Parochial School built in 1866 to educate orphaned girls. After the revolution, the building belonged to the Ministry of Defense. Gradually it had acquired its neglected, down-to-earth look, and the premises were closed, which did absolutely no good to Tula. Everything changed in 2018 when the territory of the military unit and the former Parochial School was handed over to architects and designers striving to improve the image of their home city. That's how the Urban Space Iskra appeared.

With a multitude of small restaurants, you can have breakfast, partake of business lunch, or spend a night with your friends to enjoy the cuisine of different countries, or even arrange a special event or a romantic dinner with your significant other. The hours of operation allow guests to stay until two in the morning.

In the middle of the day, you can see freelancers and entrepreneurs working with their laptops seated in comfortable deck chairs on the lawn of the Urban Space Iskra in Tula, right in the fresh air. Furthermore, professional photographers bring their clients here every day to take a myriad of unique pictures. Everything here is in motion, not hectic but rather measured, positive, and aimed at creativity. That is the concept behind the Urban Space Iskra in Tula.

Creative ideas on event planning in Iskra are welcome at +7 (920) 780-44-44. The space is open 24/7, it is not closed overnight. Address of the Urban Space Iskra: Sovetskaya Street, 11. Visit us for inspiration anytime!

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Tula, Sovetskaya Street, 11
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Анна 10 April 2021
Каждый наш приезд в Тулу сопровождается посещением Искры. Это прекрасное место и для отдыха с семьей, и для ужина в одном из уютных ресторанчиков, и для красивых фотосессий. Это небольшой кусочек Европы в самом центре Тулы! Стоит заглянуть сюда в любое время суток, но именно вечером тут особенно красиво.