Youth Multipurpose Center Rodina

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The Youth Center Rodina includes a multipurpose center and Shans center that provides social and psychological assistance. Projects developed by people under 35 are implemented here. Among them are Center for Development of Volunteer Movement, Center for Support of Young Talent, Center for Self-Governance, Youth Leadership Department, and Psychological Support Center.

The Youth Center Rodina shapes young people's proactive attitude in matters of social assistance to event management for general public and students. Organization of leisure time for the younger generations and bringing useful initiatives to life are the foundation of the Department for Self-Governance operation.

The Youth Multipurpose Center Rodina is responsible for management of health-promoting events, national pride holidays, lessons fostering moral qualities in young people, as well as promotion of the volunteer movement in sports, environmental studies, social assistance, and support of newsworthy events.

The Youth Center Rodina in Tula helps to unlock creative potential in talented youth. There are workshops in Circus Art, dancing, and voice training. Thanks to our employees' assistance, young participants win prizes in festivals and nation-wide Russian competitions.

The history of Rodina began in 1909. From that time and to 2011 its building had housed a cinema theater. It changed many names: 20th Century, Roskino, Forum, Pioner and finally Rodina. The cinema theater received its last name in 1969, and went by it since that time.

Address of the Youth Multipurpose Center Rodina: Lenina Avenue, 20. If you would like to join in our projects, please call 8-4872-31-12-34.

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Tula, Lenina Avenue, 20
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пн-чт 09:00-18:00,пт-09:00-17:00 сб-вс-выходной
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