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The Church of the Holy Preeminent Apostles Peter and Paul is interesting in all respects. Its history, parishioners, and architecture will make this Church stand out from the general list!

The wooden Church of Peter and Paul, which was built here more than four hundred years ago, was located outside the city at that time. Time passed, Tula flourished, the wooden Church became made of stone, and one of the multi-story blocks of the city rose around it. Today this place invites both parishioners and guests of Tula.

The stone Church of the Holy Preeminent Apostles Peter and Paul was built here (at 28 Lenin Str.) as long ago as in 1736 and all the time until the very revolution it got changed and rebuilt becoming more and more beautiful. One of the archpriests who had actively participated in the construction of the temple, Ivan Mikhailovich Smirnov, was buried in the floor of the Church, according to ancient Orthodox traditions. His tombstone with inscriptions from Mosolov cast-iron has been preserved to this day.

Parishioners of the Church, including the famous writer Vikenty Vikentyevich Veresaev, made significant donations. Thanks to them, during the XIX century, the Church acquired a high brick bell tower with a clock, an almshouse, and an iconostasis with columns. The Church expanded acquiring the appearance we may enjoy today!

During the Soviet era, the Church of Peter and Paul was used as a warehouse for a pharmacy at this address. Even though the Church building was restored in the 70s, the appearance of the temple was quite repulsive. Only in 2011, it was handed over to the believers who started restoring it to all its former glory.

But what is so unusual about this Church in terms of architecture?

The fact that the Church of the Holy Preeminent Apostles Peter and Paul is built in the form of a rotunda, i.e. a cylinder. Above the lower tier, the same drum of the dome rises, and the dome itself has a beautiful, even shape of a hemisphere. Such architectural solutions cannot be found elsewhere in the Tula region!

Today, the renovated Church and the surrounding area, standing out against the background of the urban landscape of nine-story buildings, seems a truly unearthly place!

Its interior and exterior beauty are created for spiritual recreation and taking memorable pictures about this place!

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28 Lenin St., Tula
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