The International Tula Pryanik Museum

The International Tula Pryanik Museum gives its guests a general idea of a pryanik as a kind of gingerbread confectionery and its place in world's gastronomy. Here you can have tea, order a handmade pryanik, take part in an entertaining workshop and take some photos in the cozy atmosphere of the museum. This place is about neither dull narratives nor stale exhibits behind glass. The International Tula Pryanik Museum is, above all, a comfortable environment with an interactive and tastelike presentation of stories devoted to the Russian pryanik.

The so-called "honey bread" has undergone significant changes for twelve centuries and became a common dish throughout the world. People made dough with honey, cut it to different shapes, and produced pryaniks using gingerbread boards. Depending on the size, type, and production method, the pryaniks were differently priced; they were delivered to the tsar court while the peasants enjoyed them at city fairs. You can learn about all types of the confectionery thanks to an exciting tour offered by the International Tula Pryanik Museum.

The Museum is in the very heart of the city, the shopping arcade of the Tula Kremlin, built in 1841. There is an atrium next to the shops, where guests can visit the military history museum and the archaeological museum. Nearby is the old building of the Museum of Weapons, the Archeological Site, the Assumption Cathedral, Kazanskaya Embankment, and Metallistov Street. This means that the Museum can be easily included in any tour route through the historical center of Tula.

Workshops are worth special attention. While kneading the dough, "sealing" it into a gingerbread board and laying the sweet filling, the visitors will hear stories about all the world's gingerbread! Then they will put raw gingerbread in the oven and, when it is baked, get it as a keepsake.

To visit the museum, sign up for a tour and a workshop, and find out more about ticket prices, please call +7 (930) 791-44-42. Signing up in advance will spare you time in a waiting line and give museum staff enough time to get ready for the group workshop. You can find us at Kremlin, building 1/2. The gingerbread man greets our guests at the entrance!

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200 — 600 ₽
13A Mendeleyevskaya St. (Tula Kremlin, Shopping Rows), Tula
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Every day 10:00-19:00
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