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Administrative and Industrial Building of Gingerbread Trade

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    The Building of the Pryanik Trade (address: 10 Metallistov Str., Tula) is also the home of the manufacturer who made Tula pryanik famous all over the world!

    Mikhail Belolipetsky, just after reaching 35the birthday, launched such so hot production activity in this building that it was possible to heat the entire palace all year round! And this is not a word figure but a real fact. You will not find a single radiator in the manufacturer's house. This is because the building has double walls, and the heat from the ovens where pryaniks were baked, warmed the residents and employees of the mansion by passing through the voids.

    The building of the pryanik trade can be called a palace at least because there is no building more beautiful than this one in Tula! What you will see from the side of Metallistov Street is only one-third of the total area of the house; two more large wings extend into the back yard.

    The facade of the building is begging to get on your photo! Look at the stucco, the dome, the half-columns, and the attics and get aesthetic pleasure!
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    10 Metallistov St., Tula
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10 Metallistov St., Tula

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