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    Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Nevinny

    He was born on 30 November 1934 in Tula. Studied at the 23rd railway high school in Tula.

    Was employed at the Tula Young Spectator Theater and in the 1954-1955 theater season, he acted in the supporting cast.

    In 1955, once again passed the examination in the MKHAT School Studio. In 1959, he became an actor of the MKHAT.

    Since 1957, he acted in movies.

    His most recognizable role for some period was the role of a beer seller in the eccentric comedy by L.Gaidai in 1975 "It cannot be!" where he performed the now-famous song "It's not beer that ruins people." Subsequently, the actor starred in another popular eccentric comedy by L.Gaidai, the Soviet-Finnish film "Going to Fetch the Matches" (1980), having performed the role of Jussi Vatanen. The images of Karpukhin in the movie "Garage" (1979) and Sebeykin in the TV movie "Old New Year" (1980) are also loved by the audience to this day.

    In 1984, he starred as a space pirate Veselchak U in the children's fantasy TV series "Guest from the Future." In the 1980s, this role brought the actor wide popularity and recognition.

    He worked a lot on dubbing cartoons.
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    85 Lenin Ave. (Likerka Loft), Tula
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85 Lenin Ave. (Likerka Loft), Tula

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