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Mogilev Square

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    It was opened in September 2007 at the building of Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University. This unusual name of the square was not accidental: the project was implemented within the framework of the agreement on cooperation between sister cities, and it is also the reciprocal step for the creation of the Tula courtyard in Mogilev. In the center of Mogilev square on a marble pedestal is a T-34 tank, which was established in November 1966 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Defence of Tula in honor of the 32nd tank brigade, which took a decisive part in the defeat of the Germany fascist forces . In memory of the fighters of the 172nd and 110th rifle divisions, which were formed mainly from fighters from Tula region, who participated in the Defense of Mogilev in 1941. On the territory of the Mogilev square was established a small copy of the chapel of "Buinichi Field". Besides the square is decorated with fountains, flowerbeds, there are benches and a playground on its territory.
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    Lenin Avenue and Ryazanskaya Street intersection, Tula
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Lenin Avenue and Ryazanskaya Street intersection, Tula

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