Liventsev Park

Liventsevsky, alias Platonovsky Park, is one of the most pleasant spaces of Tula and Tula Region! Here, it is quiet and pleasant to hide from the heat and bustle of the city for both its residents and guests.

In 2016, the administration of Tula carried out considerable painstaking work here in order to make this historical place the coziest in the city; here you may take wonderful photos. They really did it!

After it was improved, Platonovsky Park was renamed in Liventsevsky because its creator was Nikolai Ivanovich Liventsev. However, with all due respect to both outstanding merchants, let us further name the park in honor of Konstantin Ignatyevich Platonov because many generations of Tula citizens have already got used to the old name of this place!

Briefly about the history of this piece of Paradise …

There were quite a lot of estates in the South of the city at the end of the 19th century. Two famous Tula merchants, Platonov and Liventsev, were then neighbors in this area. Nikolai Ivanovich Liventsev, owning the site of the former zasechny forest, decided to ennoble it and to dig three cascading ponds here. Nearby was the merchant's house with all sorts of auxiliary buildings.

Later, Ignat Kozmich Platonov bought the estate from the brother of Nikolai Ivanovich. Ignat Kozmich Platonov, being a well-known merchant specializing in the sale of fish, began to breed his potential products in ponds. The park and the ponds were open to citizens who used to walk here and soon, this place acquired his well-known name, Platonovsky Park!

Nowadays, there are paved paths, children's and sports grounds, a fountain, and a rotunda emerged for everyone to enjoy. You can sit here on benches under the old trees, eat ice cream, and watch the ducks swimming. The streams that feed the ponds run over large and sharp rocks. Stone pedestrian bridges are above them. it is the perfect place for taking photos!

Where is Platonovsky Park?

In the South of the city, at the address: General Margelov Street. You can take a fixed-route taxi No.9 to get here!

Take your friends or your soulmate with you and come to Platonovsky Park!

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Маргарита 02 June 2021
Любимый Платоновский парк! Утром здесь поют соловьи, днем и вечером можно покормить совершенно ручных белок, которые сами подбегают за орешками)) По небольшому пруду плавают утки с утятами, сквозь прозрачную воду можно разглядеть рыб. В тени деревьев можно прогуляться, отдохнуть на одной из многочисленных лавочек, сделать красивые фото на фоне водопадов или в ротондах. Есть даже качели! В верхней части парка разбит небольшой сквер с красивым фонтаном, а чуть дальше - детская спортивная площадка и два поля для игры в баскетбол и волейбол. Совсем недавно построили территорию для выгула и дрессировки собак, при это она немного отдалена от основной части парка, поэтому собаки и отдыхающие совершенно не мешают друг другу. Очень чудесное место для отдыха и с семьей и в одиночестве!