Dobrodei (Good-maker) Craft Yard

The Dobrodei Craft Yard is more than 20 creative classes, bright master shows, interactive exhibitions, and exciting quests, folk games, ethnographic performances and much more.

Each visitor of the Yard feels not just a guest but a participant of the overall performance. For example, Dobrodei is not just the name of the place. Every visitor who participates in a holiday, event, classes, or just came to see, along with the craftsmen, the Dobrodeis, do good deeds for themselves, their families, and others.

The Craft Yard format is slobodas with workshops and exhibition areas. Craftsmen of certain skills work in each sloboda. The choice of the format is conditioned by the historical organization of craftsmen: the medieval tradition of craftsmen to settle in separate blocks (slobodas in Russian) was widespread both in Western Europe and in Russia. The name of the sloboda corresponded to the specialization of craftsmen who inhabited it.

The famous Lefty who brought together talented artists, which created amazing things, settled here. Visiting this site, you will see how to revive the ancient crafts in the slobodas, and under the guidance of Tula Dobrodeis, you will be able to learn how to create a real fairy tale.

There are many photo areas. You may be imprinted on the background of wooden lace of platbands, at the Tula forge near the fantasy tree, or with the inhabitants of the "Dobroye Podvorye" (Good Farmstead).

The Dobrodei Craft Yard is a space where visitors get acquainted with the origins of crafts of Tula and Tula Oblast and see how handicrafts are created before their eyes.

A distinctive feature is a variety of interactive programs to fit every taste, age, as well as physical and creative abilities.

Participating in classes, it is possible, under the guidance of the craftsman, to make an original souvenir and keep it.

Our exhibits do not gather dust in museum storerooms but allow literally "touching" the traditions.

Our mission is to revive the folk crafts. We are proud of Tula traditions and want to tell everyone about them!

At the Dobrodei Craft Yard, there are Carpentry, Blacksmith, Pottery, and Textile slobodas, there are fascinating classes and master shows on forging and embossing, artistic metal processing, modeling and painting Filimonovo Toys, making jewelry from beads, theatrical exhibitions on Tula City Toy and Belyov Lace, patchwork and textile doll, wood products, interactive programs and ethnographic exhibitions, performances immersing in peasant life and folk ideas about the world order.

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Sat 12:00 — 17:00 ₽
1Б 9 May St., Tula
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Sat 12:00-17:00
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