TIAM. House of Kraft

ВНИМАНИЕ! В связи со сложившейся эпидемиологической ситуацией возможны изменения в режиме работы! Просьба заблаговременно уточнять по указанным контактным телефонам о возможности посещения объектов показа!
Tula, Lenin Prospeсt, 27
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  • Description

    The modern exhibition area was opened in 2014 and has already managed to gain fame for its ambitious projects. The ancient enfilade space of the House of Kraft is rendered habitable by attracted curators and modern artists. The topics of exhibitions resonate with historical and architectural specialization of the museum – the problems of modern urbanism and historical topography, architectural graphics and modern artistic practices, urban photography and environmental design.

    Every evening the crown of the birch tree growing in the yard of the House of Kraft is illuminated with an impressive crescent, an art object created by Leonid Tishkov. A little further on the wall, you can see a giant installation by artist Marina Zvyagintseva, a cartogram made of PVC pipes – the average between a twilight city outline, a topographic map and a cardiogram. And something intriguing or at least entertaining is always prepared to amaze visitors in the halls of the House of Kraft.

  • Contacts
    Tula, Lenin Prospeсt, 27
    +7 (4872) 70-40-58
    Wed-Sat 10:00-19:00; Sun 11:00-19:00
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