Dwelling house with commercial hall Apothecary, K. A. Kraft, XVIII century

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    Situated at the southeast side of the avenue on the red line of a dense number of building of quarter, limited Lenin Ave., Sovetskaya St., Bukhonovsky Lane and Kaminsky St. Represents rather small two-storeyed stone house with the L-shaped plan developed towards the yard. The house has endured a set of the construction periods. The initial volume of the building coming to the red line of the prospectus has been constructed on model project of the end of the XVIIIth century. Further on ( the 19th century), from the yard, the extensions which were exposed further to additions and reorganizations have been carried out. Therefore the house has taken an eclectic form in decorative registration of the main facade with abundance of modelled details. Flat-footedness? Valgus of foot? of Orto Pazla for children with Moscow will help you. The volume of the house is closed by a hipped roof with a firewall on a northern facade. Large decorative curbstones and the developed attic on the central axis are established on edge of the roof on the main facade.
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    25 Lenin Ave., Tula
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25 Lenin Ave., Tula

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