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Pokrovsky (Theodosius of Chernigov) Temple

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    Is one of few temples of Proletarsky district of the city of Tula and that’s why it has quite a large congestion. During the construction of the first (wooden) church in the name of the prelate Feodosiy Chernigovsky in 1894 Lord Pitirim chose the place for construction himself. He paid attention that as a rule the churches are concentrated in the center of the city, they are not often built in the suburbs. The construction of the stone temple began in 1903, but due to the lack of finance and the begining of the war, the construction was not finished. After 1918 in the building of the church the warehouse was arranged. In 1990 the church was given to the Eparchy. There was the fire in the church at the end of 1993, which caused a lot of serious damages. However the Ioann Tulsky's icon and a rob of the prelate Feodosiy were saved by the miracle. Now the temple works, and consecrated in honor of the Intercession of the Theotokos. There are side-altars of the prelate Feodosiy Chernigovsky and St. blessed Ioann Tulsky.
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    34A Kalinin St., Tula
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34A Kalinin St., Tula

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