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The Holy Intercession Church Temple

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    In the late 19th century, the Holy Intercession Church was supposed to accommodate a parish consisting of residents of the Chulkovskaya Sloboda outskirts. In those days, there were few churches in this area of Tula. The history of the Church begins in 1899 as a wooden temple was built here and people began collecting donations to found a stone temple. Even though large-scale merchants like Vanykin and Platonov made donations to the Holy Intercession Church, it was not completed until the revolution.

    Until 1990, it had held some warehouses and a fish smokery, until this historical monument was given to the Tula diocese.

    Then the Church started to be restored, notwithstanding a lack of funds and even a fire.

    The Holy Intercession Church was consecrated in honor of St. Theodosius of Chernigov canonized in 1896. However, in the late 20th century, one of the levels was set aside in honor of St. Theodosius, and the Church received a name in honor of one of the miraculous events that took place in Constantinople - the appearance of the Holy Mother of God, holding her omophorion over the worshipers.

    The Holy Intercession Church is shaped as a quadrangle, decorated in the neo-Russian style with an octagonal wide drum of its only dome. All the outer sides of the main building and the refectory are decorated with profile pediments. One of them, in front of the hall, depicts a scene of the appearance of the Mother of God in the Blachernae Church of Constantinople.

    The Church is located at Kalinina St., 10A. The Holy Intercession Church of Tula invites pilgrims and other guests of the city to attend the Divine Liturgy, receive grace from the shrines located here, and take a memorable photo.

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    34A Kalinin St., Tula
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34A Kalinin St., Tula

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