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The Church of the Life-Giving Trinity

Tula region, Zaoksk district, Beohovo village
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    There is a hill above the steep Oka shore, beyond the village Bekhovo. The cemetery of the Bekhovo village has been located here from ancient times. No one knows to what period of time the first graves belong In 1799 a wooden church was built at Bekhovo cemetery instead of the old church which burnt down in 1798. By the beginning of the XX century it was dilapidated, and it was decided to build a new one in its place. The new brick church was built on the elevation near the cemetery, and later it was surrounded by a stone fence. The new church of Bekhovo, built according to the design of V. D. Polenov, is a combination of Romanesque and Old Russian architecture. This unusual and very picturesque church is well-inscribed in the landscape of the Oka. The design of the church interiors was made by famous Russian artists: I.E. Repin, E.D. Polenova, A. Y. Golovin, M. V. Yakunchikova, V.D. Polenov, E.M. Tatevosyan, N. V. Polenova. In autumn 1941, when the front line passed through Polenovo and Bekhovo, the church suffered greatly. In 1965, it was taken under protection as a monument of architecture, and since 1972 restoration work had been carried out in the church. As a result of the restoration, the building of the former Trinity Church in Bekhovo village was completely restored, with all previously lost architectural and construction details. The grave of V. D. Polenov is located not far from this church, in the old cemetery.
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    Tula region, Zaoksk district, Beohovo village
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